Public Works Bid & RFP Tabulations

50/50 Tree Planting: August 2014 CLICK HERE
50/50 Tree Planting: August 2015 CLICK HERE 
Adler Pool Dive and Plunge Pool Painting: August 2014 CLICK HERE
Butler Lake Band Shell Demolition and Repair: March 2014 CLICK HERE
CoRayVac: February 2015
Crack Sealing: February 2016 CLICK HERE
Driving Range Net Replacement: November 2015 CLICK HERE
Fence Painting (Downtown Decorative): August 2014 CLICK HERE
Inflow & Infiltration: November 2014 CLICK HERE
Lake Street Parking Garage Maintenance Repairs: August 2015 CLICK HERE 
Legion Lot Landscaping: November 2015 CLICK HERE
Lighting Retrofit Upgrade: February 2014 CLICK HERE
Mowing & Landscaping: February 2017 CLICK HERE
North Shore Bikepath Improvements: July 2016 CLICK HERE
Parking Structure (Church St): March 2016 CLICK HERE
Pavement Marking: February 2016 CLICK HERE
Pavement Reconstruction: February 2015 CLICK HERE
Pavement Reconstruction: February 2014 CLICK HERE
Pavement Rehabilitation: February  2017 CLICK HERE
Pavement Rehabilitation: February  2016 CLICK HERE
Pavement Rehabilitation: February 2015 (CLICK HERE)
Pond and Lake Management Services: February 2016 CLICK HERE
Primary Digester Cleaning #1: June 2016 CLICK HERE
Riverside Wading Pool Removal: February 2015 CLICK HERE
Route 45 Lift Station: December 2016  CLICK HERE
Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation: November 2014 CLICK HERE
Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation: September 2016 CLICK HERE
Sanitary and Storm Sewer Repairs: April 2017 CLICK HERE
Sewer Televising: June 2014 CLICK HERE
Sewer Cleaning & Televising: June 2016 CLICK HERE
Shoreline Plant Maintenance: June 2015 CLICK HERE
Snow Removal (Contractual): October 2015 CLICK HERE
Street Sweeping: March 2016 CLICK HERE
Streetlight Maintenance: March 2017 CLICK HERE
Traffic Signal Painting: March 2016 CLICK HERE
Tree Pruning: August 2016 (CLICK HERE)
Tree Removal: June 2014 CLICK HERE
Tree Removal: January 2017 (CLICK HERE)
Underground Improvements: February 2017 (CLICK HERE)
Underground Improvements: February 2016 (CLICK HERE)
Underground Improvements: February 2015 (CLICK HERE)
Upflow Clarifier Plug Valve Replacement: July 2015 CLICK HERE
WWTP Digester Protective Coating: August 2016 (CLICK HERE)
WWTP Tuckpointing & Masonry Repairs: August 2016 (CLICK HERE)
WWTP Tuck Pointing & Masonry Repairs: April 2017 (CLICK HERE)