Construction Notice for Dawes Street Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Replacement

The Village’s Board of Trustees awarded the construction contract to DiMeo Brothers, Inc. The project involves the replacement of the existing sanitary sewer lift (pump) station, which is currently located in the rear/side yard easement between 1106 and 1110 Dawes Street.  Replacement is necessary because the station, originally constructed in 1972 has reached the end of its useful service life.  In order to avoid conflicts with existing underground utilities, the replacement lift station will need to be located in the Village’s parkway in front of 1106 Dawes Street.  The station is underground with the only items visible being a 6-inch high, 12.5-foot x 7.5-foot concrete slab with two aluminum access hatches.  A 4-inch vent pipe extending from the slab is also needed.  The above ground electrical control panel and emergency standby generator for the replacement station will be located at the site of the existing station (within the arborvitae trees and bushes).

Construction is scheduled to start December 3, 2018.  The Village has retained the firm of Town & Country Engineering, Inc. to be the construction manager for the project.  Once started, the project should take 4 months to complete. 

If there are any questions, concerns or additional information needed regarding the proposed project in the meantime, please contact Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Steve Vella at 847/918-2097 

Map - Dawes LS